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Most people know me as a business coach helping spiritual entrepreneurs clear out the “noise” of all of the supposed “experts” and help them fully embrace their own intuition and power. Ultimately putting THEM back in the driver’s seat. But what you may not know about me is, I also ended up getting lost in the noise. With so many different voices spinning around in my head, I started losing my voice and I saw my dream slipping away.

You see, several years ago, I started out as an Enlightenment Teacher and Energy Practitioner. I did all of the “right” things, got all of the ”right” certifications, and spent a ton of money on “gurus” and “success coaches”. I threw myself into doing what they said I MUST DO, (‘cause, you know, THEY were the “experts” — insert eye roll here). All promising me, “instant success”. All I had to do was follow “their exact method” and I would be so successful that I’d be able to make a ton of money from a beach on some exotic island and I would be set for life! Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Well, I fell for it. I literally risked everything chasing someone else’s dream and trying to build that carbon copy version of what they had, and nothing happened.

So much work.

So many shiny objects and… nothing.

I was frustrated, I was poor, and I was confused. My brain was literally flooded with gimmicks and tactics. I felt duped. I believed the lie. I began settling in on the idea that I was the reason it wasn’t happening. I started to doubt myself, my ability, and wondered if I would even ever have the skills.

After months of struggling, trying to piece together all of these things I was taught, I had to stop and actually take a giant step back and try to figure out what I was missing. Did I need another course? Should I just give up? I mean, what was so important about ME anyway? I couldn’t even figure out the simple things. My search for the thing that would magically fix everything, seemed endless. Have you been there? It’s a hopeless place to be, isn’t it?

Well… once I took that step back and really looked at things, I mean, REALLY looked at things… The flood gates finally opened. The answers were right in front of me! I already knew what I needed in order to build my dream. Not only that, but my intuition had me on the right track the WHOLE time! Wow, did that stop me in my tracks!

The problem wasn’t me, I just had WAY too much noise swirling around my brain distracting me and causing all the bucket loads of doubt. That was the moment I decided to start trusting myself. To begin seeing myself as the powerful creator I was.

That was it!

The “noise” had to go.

So I tossed out all of the stuff that didn’t feel right and kept only the stuff that actually fit ME. I got super clear and laser-focused. I was going to do it MY WAY. The reason it hadn’t worked before was because, I was the missing piece. In that moment, I knew, in my heart, I could achieve all I set out to do.

This is why I do what I do. So many heart-centered spiritual entrepreneurs, like you, are struggling. The frustration and the guilt often leads to a lack of clarity and direction. Your light begins to dim and you feel lost. I know what that feels like. As you read, it wasn't too long ago that I was exactly where you are. I got through it and you will too. It is time for me to start giving back so I built The Sacred Business Academy to help spiritual entrepreneurs, like you. The goal of The Academy is to teach you how to re-kindle your light by putting YOU back into your dream. I’ll help you clear out the “noise”, find direction, a dose of clarity, and some confidence to boot, so you can start focusing what works for you, and help you fully embrace your own intuition and power, so you can serve your clients in the highest way possible.

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