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Bringing Spirituality & Healing Together to serve all animals of this planet who have been neglected, forgotten, abused, or left behind.

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My deepest desire is to be an advocate for the animals that need to be heard and to do what I can to help the less fortunate among us.

All animals deserve compassion and healing.

Whether it is to relieve the stress of being misplaced or to help heal those that have been traumatized or ill, I am committed to doing what I can to help. Therefore, I have created special programs to assist in the healing of those that need it the most.

Rescues Sanctuaries Zoos Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers

If you serve animals that are...

difficult to rehome or foster

have suffered abuse or injury

have endured emotional trauma

or any other issues that prevent quality of life

I would love to partner with you to ensure the highest quality of life available to these incredible animals.

Services Available  (as a supplement to traditional veterinary care)

Healing Touch for Animals® Energy Treatments (distance only at this time) — more info

Animal Readings and Assessments

Animal Reiki

Many of my programs are volunteer/donated services. Much of the work I do is done at a Distance, from my home in NY, during the animal's quiet time, when there are little to no distractions. Onsite work is also available after peak hours to ensure the animal can feel at ease during treatment.

If travel outside of my regional area is required, I only ask for help with travel and lodging expenses. Services will remain at no charge.

501 N. James St.,

Peekskill, NY 10566


creativeoffice@mac.com (best)

Victoria Stigliano-Dzuban

of Creative Healing and Wellness

Animal Spirituality Facilitator

& Energy Practitioner

Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioner

and Reiki Master Teacher