To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you my defining moment, and resulting story, that brought me to where I am today – coaching and guiding people like you on what to do to create a better way of communicating and connecting to animals and humans, take control and personal responsibility for your life, empower yourself, build your animal’s confidence, find everyday enlightenment, and the best road for all.

That defining moment in my life happened in the form of a series of epic ah ha moments. 

About 10 yrs ago, I began creating natural healing gem stone jewelry — made with intention to help my customers build confidence as they wore it. During this time, I also became interested in Reiki energy work and began to infuse my jewelry with positive, healing energy. Through this work, I felt divinely guided, and given the inspiration, to begin my own personal transformation toward my life’s purpose. I felt so proud and honored to be chosen by God/Source/The Divine to move on this healing path. My purpose on the planet was so much bigger than I ever thought! How amazing is that!

Things were moving along nicely and my confidence and spirituality grew and then fear stepped in, out of nowhere, and I started comparing myself to others. Here I thought I was special — that this was my personal journey — and there were people around me, following in my footsteps and having the very same experience. Ego reared it’s head and then came the limiting thoughts. “Why am I being divinely guided to do this work if someone is going to take it for themselves?” I thought. I felt lost. I was so wrapped up in my limiting perceptions and I felt like someone was stealing my journey. I was devastated. This brought back all of my old beliefs of unworthiness and old feelings of “not being good enough.” This was me, hitting a spiritual rockbottom.   

While that slowed me down temporarily, I dusted myself off, recruited in the support I needed, and continued my search for my identity and my purpose. At this time, I was offered the opportunity to go to a retreat out in Bridgehampton, LI. It was really expensive at the time, but I decided to make the investment in myself. During this retreat, there was an exercise about removing identifiers (e.g. human roles like mother, daughter, employee, etc) in order to get to the heart of my authentic self. In that moment, my limiting thoughts melted away. I realized I was a healer and a teacher. I wasn’t clear on what that meant exactly in that moment, but I knew, full-heartedly, that that was my authentic self — my mission on this planet. I saw the world in a completely different way — it opened up everything for me. Almost instantly, I no longer worried about anyone else’s journey — I was focused on mine. 

First, I threw myself into the art, practice, and study of different healing modalities. I started with Healing Touch for Animals® — my comfort zone. Within six months, I got to level four of that training. Next up, the Quantum Success Coaching Academy found me and I signed up to become a certified Law of Attraction Coach. Through the Academy, I found my Reiki Teacher and also worked to become a Reiki Master Teacher to deepen even further, my knowledge of energy. Working on the animals, specifically horses, was probably the most noble thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. However, through those courses, I had to do some Healing Touch with humans as part of the requirements. That was the second Ah ha moment — healing humans was just as amazing. It was an incredible moment! I had broken through my comfort zone and I began my journey. But, that was only the beginning.

From there, I expanded my healing energy work and with my coaching certification in hand, I started coaching, guiding, and teaching others to reach the empowerment and enlightenment they were seeking: I watched their confidence soar and their stress melt away! I believe enlightenment is the basis for all transformation. That includes my work with animals and their humans!

Since then, I’ve worked on strengthening and deepening my intuitive gifts, developed a very specific, but catered for you, coaching program and integrative healing system to help strengthen and build the special relationships you have in your life and with yourself, as well as stepped into my role as teacher and steward of the animal community. I have been blessed to witness the amazing results of this work. I’ve seen healing miracles happen, relationships grow and strengthen, and I’ve been honored to be present whilst assisting many beloved animals approach and cross the Rainbow Bridge in beauty and grace.

As a result of this incredible journey, I have been able to help so many. I have built a wonderful audience, hosted LIVE animal readings for my online audience, started a free video series called “Midnight Musings”, began my journey as an author, and transformed many aspects of my own life. I have found my path, my mission and my purpose here on this planet. It will only get better from here.


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